Summer Training Program

Accelerate Your Off Season Training

June 3rd - August 8th

CrossFit 701

Offseason Weight Lifting & Speed Training for Teens

Sessions include a one-hour group training class for athletes 13-18 years old. Classes will be mixed with girls and boys to provide a fun, competitive atmosphere. The goal is to get athletes prepared for their next sport season by building a better strength and conditioning base. They will learn how to lift properly, increase speed/strength and increase coordination while building endurance & conditioning. The group atmosphere will replicate the competitiveness and team dynamic of their sport(s) so they are prepared when their season begins.

Details Include:

  • Ages 13-18
  • One Hour Classes 3x per week: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 9-10am
  • Starting June 3rd-Ends August 8th (no 4th of July class)
  • $350 per athlete
  • Programming provided for one extra workout per week to do at home, on the road, or during a non-meeting day
  • Increase strength, speed, coordination, and conditioning

  Space is limited, reserve your spot

Mikaela Casey | Summer Training Program CrossFit 701

Classes Coached by Mikaela Casey

Space is Limited!

With our focus on smaller class sizes, we are limiting the number of registrants.


30 Day Guarantee

Start your 30 day experience at CrossFit 701

We believe so much in our program that if you attend a month of our classes and are not satisfied we will refund the full price of your membership. No long term contracts or cancellation fees. Fill out the form to get started today!